Fountains for the home and garden

The sound of water has a soothing effect on everyone and also helps gardens grow and thrive. Water can be incorporated into a home and garden in many different ways.  One of the easies is to have a small fountain.  There are so many fountains to choose from, whether it is for a small patio, balcony, garden or even a living room. With the right décor and positioning, fountains change the ambience and feel of a space significantly. Here are a few reasons to incorporate fountains, whether it is for a home or garden.


Why fountains are good to have:

  • Easy maintenance: Cleaning a fountain is easy and should be done regularly to minimize the build-up of algae. Rocks and other decorations should be taken out and cleaned occasionally to keep everything neat and tidy.  Depending on the size, the whole process should not take too much time or money.
  • Matching décor: Choose a fountain that matches your sense of style or go for something extravagant to make it a centerpiece of your garden.  There are table top versions which can be used in tight spaces for the same effect.
  • Effective use of sunlight: Water is considered a sacred element in many cultures – why not place a fountain in an area where the sun shines and makes the water look beautiful?
  • Using texture effectively: Wouldn’t you as a homeowner love beautifully decorated spaces? There are so many options – rocks, plants, fish to name a few. Use your judgement or get an expert to help in designing and installing a perfect fountain.
  • Attracting wildlife: Birds, insects and frogs also search for water and what better way to encourage wildlife? Plant as many indigenous plants and shrubs and see your garden thrive.
  • Cooling effect: On hot days, running water has a misting effect and helps to cool a space down. Make sure that the water is clean and the fountain pump is working well so that you can enjoy the mist.
  • Introducing serenity: The sound of running water creates tranquility even in busy spaces like cities. Plant fragrant, flowering plants in the vicinity and enjoy the perfume. Running water also has the effect of masking the harsh sounds of traffic and helps a person to wind down after a long day at work.

As far as fountains go, you can choose on made from any materials, fiberglass, stone, ceramic, steel, copper or a combination of many.  For those who have pets, wall fountains are a great way to add a water feature while keeping pets out of trouble.